The 2017 Tennis Committee


Management Team

Chairman – David Rolls

The role of the Chairman is to Chair all General Tennis Committee (GTC) meetings and the Tennis AGM (held each February) and attend all Joint Management, Joint Tennis & Squash Committee and Sports Club Committee Meetings as the Tennis representative. They are also to oversee all aspects of the tennis section by assisting all the Sub-Committees (if and when required).

Vice Chairman – To be introduced Feb 2018

The Vice Chairman role (To be introduced at February 2018 AGM) is to assist the Chairman in all aspects of their role as well as either take over as the new Chairman when the current one steps down or help the newly appointed Chairman get up to speed on current club projects and existing 3,5 and 10-year plans.

Secretary – Hilary Tomlinson

The Secretary’s role is to take the GTC meeting minutes and distribute them after the meeting. If a Sub-Committee require minutes to be taken the Secretary may be asked to fulfil this function.


Club Administration Sub-Committee

Membership Secretary – VACANT (Please contact James or Caroline in the interim)

Memberships run from 1st April – 31st March. This role includes sending out membership reminders during March, updating member’s information, organising shoe tags (or equivalent) as proof of membership for the members. In addition, to attend special events (The Great British Tennis Weekend) and activity pursue new memberships and to provide “One-Off” potential new members with all the information they require to join. They are also required to provide all new members with the club’s “Welcome Pack”.

Website & Social Media Organiser VACANT (Please contact David in the interim)

To liaise with the club’s appointed website administrator in order to keep the tennis section of the website updated. In addition they are required to use social media where possible to promote activities taking place at the club.

Wimbledon Ballot Organiser – Amanda Pople

To provide information to be sent to the members regarding “Opting In” to the Wimbledon ballot in order for the club to gain the most amount of tickets possible. Once the ticket allocation has been issued, to perform the tickets draw to see what members get which tickets.


Match Administration Sub-Committee

Fixtures Secretary – Venetia Cottman

To liaise with the Men’s, Ladies & Mixed team captains as to when the preferred days and times of matches take place and to liaise with Fixtures Secretaries of other clubs to arrange all inter-club matches. To produce a schedule of matches to be place upon the club notice board and an electronic copy sent to the tennis website organiser.

Men’s Team Captain – David Wright

To organise Men’s team practice (Wednesday’s), to provide team squads and preferred days and times for matches to the Fixtures Secretary. In addition to act as a mentor for all Men’s team captains.

Ladies Team Captain – Venetia Cottman

To organise Ladies team practice (Thursday’s), to provide team squads and preferred days and times for matches to the Fixtures Secretary. In addition to act as a mentor for all Ladies team captains.

Mixed Team Captain – Lesley Marsh

To organise Mixed team practice (Monday’s), to provide team squads and preferred days and times for matches to the Fixtures Secretary. In addition to act as a mentor for all Mixed team captains.


Events Sub-Committee

Tournament Organiser – VACANT (Please contact David in the interim)

To plan and organiser internal club events for the benefit of the members, including the annual club championships.

Tournament Caterer – VACANT (Please contact David in the interim)

To organise the catering during internal club events.


Planning & Development Sub-Committee

Funding Officer – James Woodwards

To make contacts and gain funding from different parties (including the LTA) to help finance facility improvements for the club. To provide a budget of how the total cost of the project will be funded and to show an income & expenditure budget of the new project to prove or disprove the projects viability.

Planning Officer – Paul Pelling

To liaise with the local council’s planning department in order to gain information for any new projects at the club. To secure a planning permission once the project has been approved by both the Tennis and Joint Committees.

Project Consultant – Paul Keen

Once financing and the planning permission for the project has been secured all aspects of the project to be officially tender by at least 3 companies. Once a decision has been made on whom to use, to actively oversee the construction of the new project through to completion.


Junior Programme Sub-Committee

Junior Coordinator – James Woodwards

Performed by the club’s Head Coach, this role focusses on junior development and increasing junior membership numbers amongst other things.


Member Representatives – Jayn Horabin & Noor Ahmed & Amy Bourbon

2 members are required to sit on the GTC. Generally this role will appeal to a member who wants to have a say on how the club is run but is currently unavailable to fulfil a specific job role. They may be invited to join a Sub-Committee meeting if requested.


If you are interested in any vacant positions please contact David Rolls (


Previous Meetings

The last Tennis Committee meeting was held in September 2017 (click here for the Minutes)

The last Tennis Section AGM was held in February 2017 (click here for the Minutes)

The last Squash and Tennis Combined Club AGM was held 6th March 2017