racketball-icoThe racketball section is rapidly growing as racketball appeals to all abilities, ages and particularly for ex-squash players looking for a less gruelling physical workout.  


Racketball  is able to be played at a slow pace or a fast pace and Aylesbury has the reigning UK doubles champions. We play on the four squash courts, one is glass backed and all have viewing balconies.

There are club night sessions on Friday evenings open to all squash/racketball section members, expert and beginners. A great opportunity to come and give it a try!Squashclub-14

• Four squash courts, including one glass-backed court.
• All players welcome, from absolute beginner to expert.
• Active leagues run within the club all year round.
• Club nights and tournaments for all abilities.
• Mens Teams.

Basic rules of the game

When serving, bounce the ball once before you hit it, it can go anywhere on the front wall (as long as it’s above the tin!), must pass the service line, and must bounce before the back wall, otherwise it is a fault (and you get a second serve).

After that normal squash rules apply although there are no ‘strokes’, everything is a ‘let’, unless the ball actually hits you! (non-official ruling which has been proven to increase the fun / friendliness factor of playing).

Point per rally scoring to 11, best of 3 or 5 games (as agreed between you up front)

If the score reaches 10 – 10, a player must win by two clear points.

Full official rules can be found at here.

Getting started
Rackets and balls are available behind the bar, if you’re playing before the bar opens and you need rackets and balls, please ring Dave Herron – 07976 909266 – he will come down to the club and sort them out for you.

Anyone who hasn’t played before and would like to have a warm up game, ring Simon Townsend – 07918 143079, or Dave Herron – 07976 909266. One of them will give you a hit to get you into it and explain any rules you are unsure of.

Please respect and return the equipment if you use it, if you want to buy your own rackets, please ask one of the above people who can direct you to a friendly, local (and very reasonable) supplier of kit.

Here’s a good YouTube guide to Racketball

And finally …..
Please support the ladder and the leagues by joining and playing some games.

We think you will all enjoy the game, it has proved very popular at other clubs and ours, especially with the older members as it gives you a less intense but still aerobically thorough workout, meaning you will be less likely to get injured and will be able to play more regularly. Time to start increasing your fitness!