Internal Leagues

bar_chartsThe internal Squash Leagues run over a calendar month and cater for players of all abilities. The Racketball Leagues are run over two calendar months and also cater for players of all abilities.

The leagues are a great way to ‘force’ you to play regularly and improve your game – much better than casually arranged matches!

Typically there are six  players per division, which means about one match per week to complete all your games. No matter what your standard, there will be a place in the League suitable for you. The lower divisions are for beginners and for casual players; the middle divisions are populated by more dedicated players and up-and-coming juniors; and the top divisions have players who are playing team squash.

Games are played as best of 5 matches, or until the lights run out on court. Of course, if the players run out of time they can continue their game at their own discretion although their is no onus on either player to do so and playing on is by mutual agreement.

The leagues are updated monthly, and can be accessed online on the menu once logged in or at the link here.

How To Join The Leagues

To join the internal leagues you must first be a member of the club. You can then join the leagues by emailing You’ll be asked to indicate your squash level on the list. As you can imagine, it’s unfair and tedious for a top player to start at the bottom of the league so finding the right place for everyone is important. If you know anyone else at the club you can discuss with them where they think you should be. Alternatively, the league secretary can give you a ring and discuss your previous experience and where you would fit in best. If we don’t get your level right first time, don’t worry as it’s easy to move people up and down the leagues.

Another good way to judge your current level is to attend Club Nights on a Saturday evening at 6:00pm and get to play current members. It is a really good way to practice your game and get to know new people.

Scoring System

The system is designed to better reflect the effort that both players put into the match and the relative difference between them. So, for example, there is a bigger differential for matches that finish 3-0 from those that finish 3-2. There is a 2 point bonus for playing all of your games in the month.

Players accumulate points based on the results of their matches (see points matrix below) and each player’s final position in their division is calculated based on their points total.

At the end of each session, 2 players are promoted in each division and 2 players are demoted. The result is a truly dynamic league with lots of movement meaning players get to play lots of opponents.


Match score Points
3 – 0 6 – 1
3 – 1 5 – 2
3 – 2 4 – 3
2 – 2 3 – 3
2 – 1 3 – 2