Handicap Tournament

TrophyThe Handicap Tournament is played annually over the last weekend of November. This is the competition where, with our handicap system, everyone in the club should have an equal chance of winning. It also provides a great opportunity to play against new opponents and meet other club members. 

As well as the glory of winning and seeing your name inscribed on the roll of honour board in the club house, there will also be the plate and cup trophies.

Each match will be best-of-three, using American scoring with the starting positions handicapped to reflect the players’ relative league rankings. Markers will be provided where possible and definitely from the semi-finals onwards.

Scoring system

1. A 16 point or more difference in handicap gives the weaker player only ‘American’ scoring.
2. Within that 16 point margin both players get ‘American’ scoring.
3. Adjust weaker players score to 0 (unless already above zero) and better player accordingly to maintain the handicap gap.
4. Play best of 3 games to 15 points.

The 2016 tournament was held across at the end of November and featured the extra handicap of playing with wooden rackets.

Dave Evans beat Tom Phipps in the final.