Aylesbury 2018 Squash Club Championships

Welcome to the club champs page where you should find all the info you need to know about the competition this weekend, if you think anything is missing or if you’re unsure, please contact Ryan Pluckrose or Ian Durrant.

The brackets for this tournament will be updated on the website after each game as well as being visible on posters at the club, the tablet in the corridor at the club will have this page readily available.

Please read through the 3 sections below so you know what to expect on the day and what time you are, and potentially could be, playing.


  • Best of 5 games
  • This year we will be moving to PAR (point-a-rally) scoring for all competitions. To 11 for the champs and to 15 for all other competitions.
  • If the score is tied at 10-10 or 14-14, the game will continue until one player leads by 2 clear points e.g. 10-12 or 18-20
  • Roughly 30 minutes per match but they are allowed to run over if need be. This will be increased to 45 minutes at the semi finals stage onwards.
  • 1st match knockouts will go through to the plate (there are 2 exceptions to this due to numbers)
  • Matches will be self marked unless a volunteer is on hand to help. The Finals will have markers.
  • New Double Yellow dot balls will be provided


Below are the draws for each tournament and will be updated in real time throughout the weekend.

The draws can be found further down the page but if you want to jump straight to the relevant draw you can use these links:


Most of the games will be played on Saturday 3rd March with the Semi Finals and Finals taking place on Sunday 4th March with the exception of the last round of the Plate Tournament due to the number of participants. The matches will start at 11am Saturday through till 4.00pm utilising all 4 courts.

On Sunday the last of the plate matches will be played at 11am and then the Semi Finals will start straight after at 11.30am through til 1.30pm on courts 1 and 2.

The Finals will start at 5pm  through til 8.45pm.

What time are you playing?

To find out who you are playing simply check the draws below, find your name and you will have a match number next to it. This match number is referenced in the timetable at the bottom of the page to show when and what court you should be on.

The full breakdown of the time can be found at the bottom of this page, click here to jump to the timetable





Aylesbury 2018 Club Championships

Aylesbury 2018 Ladies Championships

Aylesbury 2018 Clubmans Tournament

Aylesbury 2018 Wayfarers Tournament

Aylesbury 2018 Plate Tournament


Saturday 3rd March Timetable

TimeCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
11:30Champs Match 1Champs Match 2Champs Match 3Champs Match 4
12:00Champs Match 5
Champs Match 6
Clubmans Match 1
Wayfarers Match 1
12:30Clubmans Match 2Wayfarers Match 2Clubmans Match 3Wayfarers Match 3
13:00Clubmans Match 4Wayfarers Match 4Clubmans Match 5Wayfarers Match 5
13:30Champs Match 7Champs Match 8Champs Match 9Champs Match 10
14:00Clubmans Match 6Champs Match 11Plate Match 5Plate Match 2
14:30Plate Match 3Plate Match 4Champs Match 12Champs Match 13
15:00Champs Match 14Champs Match 15Plate Match 1Plate Match 6
15:30Plate Match 7Plate Match 8Plate Match 12Plate Match 10
16:00Plate Match 11Plate Match 9Plate Match 13Plate Match 14


Sunday 4th March Timetable

TimeCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
11:00Plate Match 15Plate Match 16Plate Match 17
Plate Match 18
SEMI FINALS--------------------
11:30Champs Match 17Clubmans Match 7Wayfarers Match 6Ladies Match 1
12:15Champs Match 16Clubmans Match 8Wayfarers Match 7Plate Match 20
13:00Plate Match 19
17:00Wayfarers Match 8
17:45Clubmans Match 9
18:30Plate Match 21
19:15Ladies Match 2
20:00Champs Match 18