20 Minute Tournament

TrophyThe 20 minute tournament has become our traditional season opener. This handicap tournament is fast and furious and popular with all those that play in it.

This years tournament was held on Saturday 7th October 2017.

We had some new signups on the day so after a bit of reshuffling, we had 5 in each group thus changing the games from 15 minutes to 12 minutes for the group stages.

Group 1 (12 minute matches)
A) Hugh Perks
B) Tristan Vasey
C) Ryan Pluckrose
D) Alex Inksip
E) Robert Kidd

Group 2 (12 minute matches)
A) Chris Inskip
B) Daniel Ambrose
C) Oliver Field
D) Mark Jatana
E) Callum Honour

Group 2 (12 minute matches)
A) Sam Ovens
B) Alex Bull
C) Ian Durrant
D) Tayla Honour
E) Simon Honour

The 2 players from each group with the most points went on to play in the semi finals in 15 minute matches!

Semi Finals (15 minute matches)
Mark Jatana vs Tristan Vasey
Oliver Field
vs Alex Bull
Ryan Pluckrose
vs Ian Durrant

Finally, the 2 players with the most points from this round were in the finals, and what a gruelling challenge it was.

Finals (20 minute match)
Ryan Pluckrose
 vs  Tristan Vasey

Congratulations to Tristan Vasey who beat Ryan Pluckrose in the final.

Thanks to all those that took part and for help with marking throughout the day.


Brief description for newer members

This tournament is a handicap competition (based on internal league position) so everyone has a good chance of winning. The first round is played on a  round-robin basis with up to 5 players in each group. Play in each match is continuous for a set period of time (12 minutes usually) and the idea is to score as many points as possible in the alloted time and across all your matches. The top two from each group will progress to a knock-out competition and ultimately to a final (usually of 15 or even 20 minutes).

The first rounds usually take place from about 11 till 1pm (after junior coaching) and the final rounds will continue after only a short break in the afternoon with the final typically finishing around 4pm.